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Introduction to Longturn

Quick description

I assume you know what Freeciv is. Longturn is a lot like a normal multiplayer game of Freeciv, except the turn timeout is 23 hours, and there are at least 20 human players (we never play with AI!). A typical game lasts about 100-160 turns.

History of Longturn

The first game, now called LT0 was started around 2004 on the Polish Civilization fanpage You can read about the first game here: It was decided that the game is a bit too slow paced, so a new 3X movement ruleset was devised - basically, all units had their movement points and vision radius trippled.

The first game administrators were LoD (LT0), Gislan (LT1, LT2) and Lo'oris (LT3). Ever since LT4 Longturn was cared for by maho, and the games were hosted on his server, At the beginning of 2011 maho resigned from his post, and akfaew took over.

Types of game

There are three main types of gameplay:


Experimental games are designed to test new features and new Freeciv versions. After a new version of Freeciv is released, an experimental game is started. Regular games will be based on the rulesets of an experimental game. New players can be spawned into an experimental game at any time. Their starting technology and units are based on the average of existing players. Because of this, there are no winners or losers. Longturn has some custom patches for the server. Before a patch can be accepted, it has to be tested in an experimental game.

Team game

In a team game, you and your team mates fight against other teams. Diplomacy between teams is disabled. Team science is shared. Only one team can be victorious.


In teamless (Free For All) games the key to victory is diplomacy. In order not to be left behind with technology, players need to quickly form alliances.

Joining the game

First of all, read the rules. After that, create an account, sign on to a pregame and wait for it to start. Or join a LTeX game, if one is currently being run. You can also go to the forum and sign up at a substitution list to take over an idle account if any is available. If you have any questions, ask on the forum or on IRC: #longturn on

Do I need to download anything to play?

Yes, you need a Freeciv client.

If you use Windows you should get an installer from the Freeciv main page.

If you use Linux/Mac you can use your package manager, or better yet build from sources. It seems a bug is fixed every week, so keeping up to date with the subversion repo is recommended. Installing is not required for starting the game, after the build is complete a shell script called civ is created - use it to start your client. If you intend to write custom patches to your client be sure to read the rules.

Which version of the game should I use?

The version is specified on each game page.

If you build your client from source be sure to use a S branch, not R. So for example, if a server runs version 2.3, check out S2_3.