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Port: unknown
Version: Freeciv fc21-3.0
Admin: Kryon
Created: 18.02.2024
Started: not yet started
Ended: not yet ended

- This is the 1st game of TheLeague - Level C (seniors).
- Players who have won a League B game and haven't got demoted from Level C are eligible.
- Please do not sign up here yourself. Sign up at the TheLeague page and you will be added to this game if you qualify.
- PLEASE CONFIRM PARTICIPATION IF YOU WANT TO PLAY. Once 6 players confirm, a 2nd confirmation period will start. Then, if at least 6 players confirm in 5 days, game will start. To reach 6 players, League B3 game needs to end first.
- The game is based on LTT ruleset with allied victory (no space race or score based victory).
- Map type (continents or islands) and team vs. alliance game will be decided by players in discord.
- Maximum winning alliance or team size will be 3 (out of 6).
- No promotions or demotions. Play for fun and glory! (However, C players who got demoted from a B game lose eligibility for C until they win another B game.)
- League rules are listed in


# player nation joined regent pc
1 Kryon
18.02.2024 -
2 cgalik
18.02.2024 -
3 fizu
18.02.2024 -
4 louis94
18.02.2024 -
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