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Port: unknown
Version: Freeciv fc21-3.0
Admin: col_slade
Created: 24.03.2024
Started: not yet started
Ended: not yet ended

With the reported bugs out of the way, it's time to create and find new ones. Now moving into the uncharted territory. This game will introduce TWO new mega-features, with a third underway, depending on the workload, because this one is going to be anything but technical.

  • Units will not by default fight until death. The number of combat rounds per fight will be limited so that units will have losses, but will have a realistic chance of surviving a 1-to-1 combat. Of course, a good strategy will consist of the classic "ganging up" where an attacker, in order to be successful, needs to gather up at least 3:1 ratio on operational level and at least 5:1 on tactical level. To adjust, defence values for all units have been increased 50 to 100%.
  • This game will introduce diumvirates: two players may play one nation with the express permission to connect any time they need to within the turn. How they will manage their nation is up to them. There are technical limitations that will have to be taken into consideration (can't both be connected at the same moment, but one may /observe). This will not be a requirement so anyone wishing to play alone may do so. You should sign up for the game as usual, but if you are not already on our Discord server, please leave your contact information so that you can be consulted about pairing up.

    The third feature that is a game design project on its own is the tech tree reshuffle. This will be a long-term process that will have its evolution through many games, but the final goal is: diversification of civs and separation into several branches such as Social, Military, Financial etc. A lot of thinking will be required and any input is always more than welcome. It is possible that no tech tree reshuffle will happen for this game, but if the start delay is long, anything may happen.
    As standard for Sim, map will be hex, E-W-wrap with 50-80% oceans and at least 3x AI nations. Most likely 50-100 land tiles per nation. Score-based ending, no alliance victory.

    Start date: when a reasonable number of players signs in.

    The game will be played with the Simulation ruleset. It is drastically different from the regular Civ ruleset and you are STRONGLY ADVISED to review it.


    # player nation joined regent pc
    1 Corbeau
    24.03.2024 -
    2 mikezy66
    04.04.2024 -
    3 Blue
    02.05.2024 -
    4 Rorr404
    04.06.2024 -
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