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Rules of Ladder Wars

The rules are rewritten from LW Thread. Please read them, if you have any questions please write them in LW forum.
  1. Main rules
    1. Games will be playing in small boards with something like 15 active players.
    2. There will be a number of simultaneous games (probably 4).
    3. Fixed start of all games.
    4. After a person/team declares victory on appropriate forum by listing the current turn and winning player(s), the remaining players have 7 turns to oppose this claim. RIP players cannot oppose. If you post accepting your defeat you are survivor, if you do not reply, you will be considered a RIP player.
    5. After the one game has an official winner, all remaining games must complete within 37 turns or a tie is declared.
    6. Deadlines for all states (start-end of signups, polls, games, etc.)
    7. First Ladder will be set from Kryon’s Ranking List.
    8. Next games will be sorted by Ladder system.
    9. Players will be sorted by Ladder system and transferred to specific boards.
    10. All players could join new system but there will be punishment for being idlers.
    11. New players (from second wave) join the median game of the Ladder.
    12. A single player or alliance can win a game.
    13. The maximum number of winners for each game is determined by the number of starting players. For every 5 players in each game, there can be an additional winner.
    14. Each winner receives 3 points, 1 point for survivor or tie, 0 points for R.I.P.
    15. Minor points (determined by number of units killed) will help sort Ladder.

Active games