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Port: 5066
Version: Freeciv 2.6
Admin: Corbeau
Created: 25.07.2020
Started: 25.09.2020
Ended: 01.05.2021

Thanks to the test game started a few days ago, it was discovered that the new installation messed up stuff in the sign-up department and because of this, players who joined LT recently are unable to sign in for the game. Because of this, the start is rescheduled and, more important, the game will be played on 2.6 version instead of 2.5. Please download the clients for this.

It is likely that there will be another test game before this so do drop in and check if everything is working for you.

This is a tutorial game aimed at beginners who have never played (Free)Civ or have played it very little and/or would like to get better acquainted with the interface, mechanics and House Rules. The main feature of the game (unless there is a consensus for otherwise) is low-aggression environment.

Features are:
* do not conquer more than 2 cities per week
* do not attack a player who has 5 or less cities
* no early aggression: do not attack anyone before Turn 20
Two or more players may agree to disregard these rules when dealing with each other if they want to practice greater hostility. It would be reasonable to notify the admin of this, but it is not a requirement.

The admin will use delegation system to prevent or reverse violations. Again, this is a learning game, not a competition.

If someone is breaking these rules and/or harassing others, it is up to the player to report this. There is noway for the admin to discover rule breaks. You have to report it.

It is likely that there will be more experienced players in the game. Their role will be "advisory supervision". If they overstep this, it should be reported and admin will act.

The game will start when we decide there are enough players for it to make sense. To take part, you need to apply for the game. Once the starting date is determined, a week before the admin will send e-mails to the players so, if you wish to receive it, please sign in with a real e-mail. Then you will have to confirm participation through the LT web page interface.

All discussion will take place on the LT forum and on the LT Discord server, #learning-lt channel.


# player nation joined regent pc
1 Corbeau
26.07.2020, 10:27:26 zenobia
2 zrcalo
26.07.2020, 10:28:00 -
3 djmac
Australian Aboriginal
27.07.2020, 09:26:48 -
4 panch93
27.07.2020, 15:59:23 -
5 el_perdedor
01.08.2020, 09:43:10 -
6 pigzag
05.08.2020, 18:21:28 Corbeau
7 De_Astronaut
06.08.2020, 21:54:46 -
8 YKnot
10.08.2020, 07:09:03 -
9 Strawberry
14.08.2020, 14:38:17 -
10 jwrober
23.08.2020, 21:24:49 panch93
11 topyli
30.08.2020, 17:30:33 David_Ben_Gurion
12 quem
01.09.2020, 14:29:30 -
13 kannon
05.09.2020, 02:33:48 -
14 kireana
12.09.2020, 19:16:52 -
15 rfp
North Korean
12.09.2020, 19:19:19 -
16 ilkkachu
13.09.2020, 16:41:47 YKnot
17 phel
15.09.2020, 16:09:17 -
18 idiotz
22.09.2020, 09:23:34 louis94
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