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Experimental game played in 2022

Game info

Port: 5051
Version: Freeciv 3.0
Admin: Corbeau
Created: 10.10.2021
Started: 06.11.2021
Ended: 11.07.2022

Along with testing the ruleset, this game wil apparently be used to test the new and improved Freeciv21 client developed by the Longturn team. The game seems to be working, but, again, we need to test if everything is working the way it should.

To get the Freeciv21 client, download it here:

If you can't connect to your nation (after connecting to the game) use
/take (your name)
in the chat box

Simulation ruleset is a completely different ruleset aimed at, well, simulating reality and the flow of human history, of course, within the frame of Freeciv mechanics. It is the most different of all known rulesets in play mostly because it is introducing conceptual changes to the game, not (only) new units, techs and steps in nation development. For more information, check here (click).

There have been five LT Sim games so far, all played with Freeciv 2.6. This will be the first game with the Sim ruleset updated to Freeciv 3.0. It is a technological jump and glitches are to be expected. This is why we are running a test game first. It is likely some fixes would be applied during the game. If you plan to play further Sim games, this is a great learning opportunity that may give you a head start. If you've never played Sim, this is an opportunity to try it out and quit if you don't like it without making a great fuss.

The plan is to start the game on Friday, (remember, remember) Fifth of November, but we have never been too accurate so please allow some margin. The idea is for Turn Zero to last over the weekend and the first Turn Change to happen during Monday. Again, this is the plan that may change once it meets reality. Details will be published as they happen.

As always at, you need to sign up before the game starts; once it is in action, it will only be possible to join if someone quits so you can take his place.

For most current information join us at the LT Discord server or check out the forum on this site.


# player nation idle
1 Corbeau
2 magpie67
3 croupier
4 vic123
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